Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donna Gentile Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts

Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts
Donna Gentile
ISBN: 0-9888356-0-6
Cover Art: Diane Bay
Religion/Christian Ministry/Children

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Short Book Blurb:

Parents! Need to jumpstart your children’s creative juices? Teachers! Do your students love making crafts? Crafts that are fun yet easy on your budget? Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts: Animals of the Old Testament includes 32 reproducible craft patterns such asGive God Your Best Photo Frame or Rooaar! What a Cool Gift Bag! Each craft highlights low-cost materials, E-Z Step-by-Step Instructions and Teachables (a new Christ-character for each craft). Children will also fall in love with the 16 attention-grabbing, animal-narrated Bible stories. As they listen closely for clues to guess the animal narrating the Bible story, they learn a new Christ-character quality such as being kind, respectful or helpful.  Great resource for home, Sunday school, VBS, Homeschool or any time!  (ages 5-10).

This is a book of Bible-based crafts for children. Each craft features:
Supplies  list: -these are usually common household, recyclable or school supplies
Preps -  quick and simple preparations for the craft
E-Z Step:  clear and easy directions
Teachables: This special section often has a bible verse prompt to help children practice “Godly character qualities. ”

Donna Gentile put together a wonderful crafting resource for parents and teachers to have when they want to use a craft to enforce Christian values such as obedience, forgiveness and love. There are 32 reproducible crafts in the book. Every craft is tied to a Bible verse in the Teachables section of the page. 

In addition, there are 16 lovely Bible stories told throughout the book. Each Bible story is followed by two crafts that each focus on a different Christian value.  The crafts use common, inexpensive household items to reinforce the Bible stories and verses in the book and make them even more memorable. These crafts are a great stand alone lesson or culminating activity surrounding the used Bible verses. 

I do recommend reading through everything thoroughly if you are using it in a Catholic school, as scripture is take from the NIV version of the Bible and some lessons may need to be reviewed before presenting them in that environment. However, over all these are wonderful and engaging activities to do with the children.   The book does a magnificent job in inviting the children to contemplate God's Word.

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