Monday, July 28, 2014

Get to Know King David... Book Review

Get to Know King David
Author: Nancy I. Sanders
ISBN: 978-0-310-74475-7
Cover Illustration: Greg Call
Juvenile Nonfiction/ Biography/ Religious/


Back Cover: David led an adventurous life-from shepherd to warrior to the king of Israel. But he was also a man of God. Read about this hero from the Bible and his place in history.

The Get to know series features:

  • 4-color maps and photos
  • Scripture references and fun facts
  • A word bank
  • and much more
Review: This book is an awesome history of the life of King David. Readers will enjoy the fun facts woven throughout the book as well as the maps, pictures, and adventures that David encountered in his life. He had stones thrown at him, he went hungry, and he had many lessons in life. The book details other interesting facts in the Bible like the Ark, the Ten Commandments, and the timeline of the life of David in relation to other facts in history before Jesus. 

Nancy I. Sanders is an expert at bringing what some might deem boring history and makes it come to life. She keeps the reader engaged and involved with every page. Priests and pastors, parents, and Sunday School teachers will appreciate the accurate presentation of the story of King David and be confident that the book will educate the reader with Biblical accuracy. 

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